Meeting times and meeting points

Tour to Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum  Saturday, September 1, 16.00-18.30
Meeting time: 15.50
Meeting point: Tallinn University Astra building (Narva road 29), 1st floor
Please note: comfortable shoes are recommended as the tour includes walking. 

Tour to Tartu Sunday, September 2, 09.00-19.00
Meeting time: 08.50
Meeting point: Next to the entrance of the Nordic Hotel Forum (Viru square 3) 

Tour to Lahemaa  Sunday, September 2, 10.00-15.00
Meeting time: 09.50
Meeting point: in front of the Nordic Hotel Forum (Viru square 3) 

Saturday 1st September 16:00h:


The museum is located at a 15-20 min drive from the city centre and the walking tour in the museum takes 1,5 hours. The tour leads through a beautiful forest area on the sea coast where authentic examples of the 18-19th century rural architecture like farmhouses, country pubs, windmills and chapels are displayed together with their corresponding furniture and household appliances.

NB! Please note there will be no transportation provided by the organisers back to the city after the guided tour.

Price per person 25 EUR (incl transport to museum, museum ticket, guided tour). Minimum group 20 persons


Sunday 2nd September:


Tartu is Estonia’s second largest city, famous for its university founded in 1632, and known as the “City of Good Thoughts”.

The city has played a major role in Estonian cultural life over the centuries, as home to Estonia’s first university and first theatre, and site of the first Estonian Song Festivals, a choir festival tradition that has continued for 150 years and is on UNESCO’s list of oral and intangible heritage.

The tour includes a walk around the old town and on Toomemägi hill above the university, with a stop at the Town Hall Square and at the famous leaning house nearby and the unique Kissing Students fountain that has come to symbolise the city. The tour will also take in the medieval Gothic brick church of St. John which has now been restored after lying in ruins for 50 years. Outside visit only, no entrance fee included in tour.

Just beyond Old Town’s borders, visitors will find the quaint and colourful wooden house neighbourhoods of Karlova and Supilinn, near time capsules of early-20th-century living.

Price per person 85 EUR (incl lunch). Minimum group 20 persons

Tartu, Town Hall Square

University of Tartu


HAAPSALU and surroundings (up to 7 hours)

On Estonian western coast is the beautiful town of Haapsalu. The town is located on peninsula surrounded by the sea, and is a place where people have come to spend their summer holidays for the last 200 years. Founded seven centuries ago, Haapsalu has been the center of the Saare-Lääni Bishopric, and has played an important role in European history. It's a place where people come to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Haapsalu offers a peaceful environment, warm sea water, yachting and quiet walks through the 13th century castle, along the sea or through its charming turn to of the century town. However, its most famous and important attraction is the mud from the local bay. Haapsalu mud is healing mud and it alleviates a variety of health problems for thousands of visitors each year. Haapsalu is also the right place for those who enjoy cultural events. The town offers a variety of festivals and concerts at the castle, in the Dome Church and in Kurhaus, a turn of the century café and concert hall.

Price per person 75 EUR (incl lunch). Minimum group 20 persons

Haapsalu, Kurhaus

Haapsalu, Railway Station



This is your opportunity to learn Estonian exciting cultural history and unique nature. We invite you to discover LAHEMAA nature preserve situated at the Gulf of Finland 50 km east of Tallinn.

The history of the park goes back to 800 BC - ancient burial barrows of the local fenno-ugric tribes have been founded at JOELAHTME.

We will visit beautiful manor house PALMSE or SAGADI of German landlord families

dating back to the 18th centuries. Both manors with parks, greenhouses, stables etc. have been furnitured and decorated in the style of 1820th.

Besides learning about Baltic baron's lifestyle, we will get the idea about Estonians rural life in the past centuries. Fishermen's villages there are more tan 500 years old. At the idyllic captain's village of KÄSMU we introduce you to Estonian seafaring past. The most attractive part of Lahemaa is indeed the nature - bays, forests, bogs, limestone cliff and huge boulders. The park's fauna and flora are rich as well.

Price per person 65 EUR (incl lunch). Minimum group 20 persons

Lahemaa, Palmse Manor

Lahemaa, Käsmu